DVDylan ID: D166.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Five Seasons Center
Date: Monday, 3rd April 2000

This was a great DVD & concert:)

Very close up and good visual mix. This gives the viewer a good view of how these concerts went.

The DVD is positioned in the balcony so you cannot get as close as you would like to, but it's a nice pan of the whole stage and it makes you feel as though you were there. Very good set-list. Bob plays and phrases superbly.
The quality is good. You get close to Bob, but not as close as the recorder looks to be in the balcony.

A few people get in the way at times during some songs. You get a good picture of Larry when the camera cannot pan to Bob.

I would give this 4 stars, one left off due to distance.

Bob walks off the stage like he did for almost all of the concerts on this tour, by picking up his cowboy hat and talking with Tony:)

Grab this DVD as it is a very good example of how these concerts were during this tour.

Reviewed by paperpencil on 23rd January 2008

Great concert of 2000 !!!
The 18 songs are well filmed with a good sound.
Only some heads during 1 or 2 songs.
Wonderful performance of Bob and his band.
Very happy to get this one, thanks to "bobdylanfan".

Reviewed by woody on 30th August 2005

This is an excellent performance, and I really recommend this show!

Reviewed by Chachi420 on 19th May 2005