DVDylan ID: D164
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Halle Münsterland, Münster, Germany
Date: Sunday, 1st October 2000

As mentioned above the Münster show is not very well filmed BUT overall it's worth to have! At the beginning the DVD is quite shaky but it's getting filmed better during the show. The picture quality is very good and it seems that the transfer to DVD is made from the master tape. It was recorded with a standalone recorder and was reauthored by Henk who has done a great job with that. The sound quality is good to very good in general.
The show itself is a real good performance by Bob and his Band with a nice setlist. Very good versions of "Visions Of Johanna", "Standing In The Doorway" and "Drifter's Escape" and the first ever live performance of "If Dogs Run Free". I attended this show and enjoined it so much!
The only disadvantage of this edition is that it is seperated on two discs which run 60 min. (approx.) each. The whole show would have fit on one disc.

Reviewed by maybesomeday on 28th December 2003