DVDylan ID: D129
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Jackson County Fairgrounds, Medford (Central Point), Oregon, US
Date: Tuesday, 9th October 2001

This film surprised me with its quality. I don't remember 2001 all that well, but this fall tour was probably the best part and really, it's pretty good stuff-- a far cry better than what you'll hear today, if I may editorialize.

The video is good, but not all that consistent. THe taper shoots around the crowd as best he can, but sometimes loses the stage briefly. The good news is that most of the video is a pretty steady clean shot of Bob, often showing part of the band as well. The distance is not super-close, but isn't bad. Color and video quality is good. Steadiness is ok, but is just ok mostly because people sometimes obscure our intrepid taper's view.

The video is NOT complete- all but the first second or two of "Searching For a Soldier's Grave" is missing, as is most of "Masters of War". "Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat" is abbreviated when the lights come up for the band into and "Love Sick" is clipped.

All that said, this is still quite good stuff. The L&T songs are particularly interesting-- "Tweedle" is a pale version of what it has become, but the rest are pretty much as good or better than they ever got. A rare outing of "Mississippi" and a gorgeous "Sugar Baby" are definite highlights as is a wonderous "Visions of Johanna".

The video could be better, but is quite acceptable, as is the performance. Not all of the songs hit, but a good percentage do, and this is a worthwhile document of late '01 Dylan.

Reviewed by Joe1235 on 23rd March 2005

What a great show a mere few weeks after the horrible coincidence of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the release of Love and Theft. It is clear that Bob and the band are having a great time playing the new tunes. Sugar Baby is absolutely outstanding and the lighting effects make the band look like ghost pirates from a Scooby-Doo episode with Bob as the spectral spirit leading them! Any Drifter's Escape (or any song really) where Bob is so into it he drops to one knee (gasp! i sure hope he can get back up!) is always great fun to see.
The taper appears to actually be on the floor instead of in the balcony. There appear to be some times he must hide the camera or readjust and there are heads in the way at times so there are some obscured views but this does not distract from the show much imho. When the camera is focused on the band the video is excellent. The sound is very good. Nice to see a show from the floor, where I always am, instead of from the balcony above. A very enjoyable dvd.

Reviewed by mjbnc on 01st September 2004

The performance and sound is very good on this DVD -- very crisp and clear from the first notes of "Wait for the Light to Shine" until a great "Blowin' in the Wind." The camera bobs around a bit, and there are some heads in the way that quickly part to reveal a loose and comfortable Dylan in an oldtime country suit, and he's into it, and the band is hot. The sound is key, very good. Standouts are "Mississippi" and "Summer Days," and a great swinging band throughout. This disc is the next best thing to being there at the county fair in Medford, Oregon, only this time without the odor of livestock.

Reviewed by warehouseeyes on 14th August 2004

An outing of 'Mississippi' In Medford.

DVD is sourced from very good video and is fully authored, one of the BEST audience films videos, imo.
This version of 'Blowin In The Wind' is fabulous and the video of that last track is top notch for bootleg. Please, Mr. Sexton, come back to the Touring band.

Reviewed by mary on 16th March 2004