DVDylan ID: D126.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Brookville, NY, USA/C.W.Post College
Date: Friday, 30th January 1998

After a few aborted/failed attempts over the previous 4 years, this was my first Dylan show, and as the earlier reviewer noted it was a "corker". The film does nothing to sully my memories of a fantastic evening. Excitement was definitely in the air and it is well captured by the cameraman. Bob comes out bang-bang-bang with Sweet Marie, a terrific Peggy-0, and Can't Wait filled with intensity. Nine and a half years after the show, I was excited to see Million Miles, and it was just as I remembered - tight playing, but Bob is loose with ad-libbing and lots of smiles throughout the show. Between the energy, tour rarities, and Bob in high spirits, this is an absolute 5 star, must-have show.

Reviewed by rtr75 on 31st August 2007