DVDylan ID: D113.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: St. Jakob Stadion
Date: Saturday, 2nd June 1984

From a technical point of view, not great picture quality by any means, but the sound is good. The first three or four songs are cut. The image can get a bit shaky. But the quality of the performance renders these shortcomings irrelevant. This is a chance to see Bob really getting inside the songs, inhabiting them, and making them come alive. The energy level is high, and you can tell by the way Bob moves whilst singing, as though he's compelled to stride around, that he really means it. It's mesmerising stuff.

A footnote: the band line-up, with keyboards and Mick Taylor on guitar, is to my ears a different sound to the one he's had for quite some time now, and MT's rich and muscular Les Paul tones give a satisfying ooomph to the sound that I'd like to hear again...

Reviewed by orangespaceship on 13th April 2007