DVDylan ID: D1087
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Northampton, MA, USA/Smith College, John M. Greene Hall
Date: Tuesday, 15th April 1997

If you check the 12th screenshot, you'll see the image of Allen Ginsberg projected on the screen behind the band. Ginsberg had died 10 days earlier, so this was obviously Dylan's way of honoring his friend and fellow poet. One cannot be sure if Bob was thinking of Allen when he sang "I'll Remember You," but the sentiment of the song would have fit.

The show itself is quite enjoyable, the sound is excellent, and the video is mostly sharp and colorful, but the lighting at the venue was generally dim. The filmer had a very narrow window from the right balcony rail, but he managed to stay on Dylan and zoomed in on numerous occasions to offer stunning close-ups. We mostly see Bob and David with occasional pans to Larry, Tony and Bucky.

Four songs are missing and two substantially cut, thus necessitating the use of stills to provide a full show. Other shaky and obstructed parts were left mostly untouched unless particularly distracting.

There are many fine moments, but not quite enough of them to reach 5 Stars, so I'll give this DVD a 4+.

Reviewed by yassou on 29th April 2013