DVDylan ID: D1085
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Atlanta, Georgia, USA/The Fox Theater
Date: Wednesday, 11th October 1995

Any item that is new to circulation is a welcome addition to the DVDylan catalog. This DVD should also be of interest to anyone who attended the concert and, of course, to the completists among us. Dylan puts in an energetic performance, and the audience is quite rowdy and receptive. Unfortunately, the filmer was only able to capture the first seven songs, and there are cuts to songs 1 and 7.

Production presented a challenge for the editor/author. The source Hi8 tape was probably copied from a 1st generation tape rather than off-master and is not the best in terms of focus and resolution, although the color isn't bad. A sound upgrade was attempted, but the alternate audio source ran slower than the video and would have had to be speeded up. Fortunately, the video soundtrack was better than average for camcorder sound, so the alternate source was used only to fill the introduction, ending, and the cut portions of songs 1 and 7. Those songs were filled out with stills. Stills for the shaky/obstructed start of song 1 were added, but the shakes and obstructions of the remaining songs, relatively short and few, were left untouched.

I'll give this one 2+ stars, although 3- might be fairer.

NB: Screenshot # 7 is from the Philadelphia 1-Dec-95 show. It was used to fill a stretch of "Mr. Tambourine Man" when Dylan played a long harp solo.

Reviewed by yassou on 27th April 2013