DVDylan ID: D1083
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Albany, NY, USA/Pepsi Arena
Date: Tuesday, 20th July 1999

This DVD is sourced from a different camera and audio recording than those used for D855.2. Due to the fact that the first song and parts of others are cut or obstructed, video and audio from D855.2 was used.

Dylan puts in another solid performance, and the duets with Paul Simon are delivered with exuberance and good humor, particularly the "That'll Be The Day"/"The Wanderer" medley.

The band is smoking hot on the rockers, particularly Larry Campbell's lead on "Silvio." Dylan delivers studied readings of "Desoloation Row" and "Not Dark Yet," and the harp break on "Mama You Been On My Mind" is as good as Dylan has ever blown.

4 Stars is one too few for this one.

Reviewed by yassou on 10th April 2013