DVDylan ID: D1082
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Normal, IL, USA/Illinois State University, Redbird Arena
Date: Saturday, 13th February 1999

Disk author's rating: 4/5+/5/5/5-

Distance/Position: 4 (not a quality rating, of course)
Sound: 5+ (highly-rated at the LosslessBob site and by member feedback at HungerCity)
Heads: 5
Steadiness: 5
Focus/Color/Resolution: 5- (no vertical-hold problems on my computer screen or "up-converting" blu-ray player; sourced from off-master Hi8 tape released for the first time for this project)

Uniqueness: 5+ (the only DVD with Setzer and his Orchestra)
Performance: 5 (comparable to any of the 1999 concerts that I've worked on and watched)

Averages out to a '5' as far as I'm concerned.

Reviewed by yassou on 21st May 2013