DVDylan ID: D1021
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Worcester, Massachusetts, USA/Centrum Arena
Date: Sunday, 14th November 1999

wow. after watching this video once, i immediately watched it again. i kept saying to myself "this has to be a Pro shot". one of the best quality videos i have ever seen. no shaking, no bouncing around.. again it appears to be a pro shot. great job!!! Kid Dylan

Reviewed by kiddylan on 22nd January 2012

After his great performance 24 hours earlier in East Rutherford, NJ, one might have forgiven Zimmy a letdown the next night. But, as if to contradict the lines from "Highlands" that "You could say that I'm on anything but a roll", Dylan rolled into Worcester, an hour west of Boston town, with as great a performance as anyone could have hoped for. The setlist wasn't as varied or as flashy as East Rutherford, and there were only 14 songs, but, if you count "Highlands " as two, and consider the fact that Phil Lesh didn't sit in, the evening was more than satisfactory. Highlights for me were "Hard Rain," "Everything Is Broken," and, of course, "Highlands," Dylan's nod to Robert Burns and his own roots in the northern regions of the You-Nited States. (That song was posted to YouTube and you can watch it here while you're waiting for your download to finish or your seed disk to arrive: http://youtu.be/1Lj_vuQgUzc.)

I'm running out of stars for these great gifts from the filmer, Tom P. and his buddy raygun, but I think there are still five around here somewhere. "Iím already there in my mind, and thatís good enough for now."

Reviewed by yassou on 22nd January 2012