DVDylan ID: D088
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Louisville, KY
Date: Wednesday, 30th April 2003

The ratings on the disc are WAY too high. The distance is not four stars. It's shot from a very distant location, and does liberally use the zoom, but with associated bounciness and unwatchability. I'd put it at 2 or 3. The soundtrack isn't five star either. It's okay, but it's no more than four stars. Heads at 2 stars is about right, and steadiness probably deserves one star. Seriously, this DVD might give you motion sickness.

I was at this show, and was very disappointed by this DVD. It's slightly better than not having any video, but only slightly. Unless you're a completist (and maybe even then) you won't take much joy in this one.

Reviewed by Joe1235 on 08th May 2009

3 stars are maybe a bit much here, since itīs pretty hard labour to watch this from start to finish. Iīve hardly seen a video of a Dylan show with so many heads in front of the taper - who definitely tries his best to get rid of all the folks in front of him, but fails mostly. WHEN he gets Dylan or his guitar players in focus, the camera still is extremely shaky. The atmosphere of "really attending a Dylan show" comes across very well though. Since it also is a very high energy show with some splendid performances ("Watching the River Flow", "High Water", and most of all "Blind Willie McTell" that features two glorious instrumental verses), itīs highly interesting to watch (at least glimpses of) Dylan leaning into his vocals and gesticulating on the piano.
The one and only "If Not for You" of 2003 sadly is missing on the copy I saw.
The rather weird location (a decorated parking lot with some houses in the background) has a slight surreal Edward Hopper feeling and deserves positive mentioning as well.

Reviewed by honestwithme on 19th December 2003