DVDylan ID: D083.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: University Of Pennsylvania, Indiana, Pennsylvania, USA
Date: Tuesday, 22nd April 1997

Heres a winner. Performances, recordings, authoring, all top grade.

Nicely shot video from top rear. Tripod steady. Very clear except on the closest zooms. Improves through Watchtower. Nicely dynamic, each player gets some screen time save poor DK on drums, but its not frantic or overly shakey.Colors are quite nice, slightly washed out when the lights are highest. one or two hands over the course of the show. a few ducks and shakes, and some moments of swervy-ness. a few clipped tracks. overall very expert camera work.

Audio of the highest order, great work here as well.

Our Author has expertly syncronized these fine recordings and added patch work to produce another wonderful upgrade for us all to enjoy.

The space gets hot right around the middle of Watchtower. Shelter from the Storm features strong dualing guitars from Dylan and LC and pristine vocal delivery. Everyone stomps through Pledging, and the film features Dylan's big goofy grin during the second instrumental course of Silvio. Not the best acoustic set of the year, some missed lyrics. The second half of the show is solid though, really good viewing, especially Shooting Star, Released, and Times which goes some way towards redeeming the acoustic portions. Something for every Dylan fan here, our Man's chops were right on this night in Pennsylvania.

Killer treatment, a welcome addition to the 97 catalog. Heartfelt thanks to all who put their effort, time, and expertise into sharing this excellent document.

Reviewed by jman on 03rd November 2006