DVDylan ID: D076
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Nashville, TN
Date: Saturday, 6th February 1999

A qualifier first. I was in Nashville for this show. It was fantastic. Dylan was in fine form, the band was tight, the setlist was pleasing, if not particularly breathtaking. But this video won't necessarily transmit that idea...

Our taper was a good way back on this one. Four stars for distance is probably too kind. That said, Bob is still clearly visible, and the wide-length shot is nice, as it affords a pretty constant view of Larry, Tony, and Bucky. Heck, there's even an occasional panning toward David Kemper.

The sound is very mediocre. A sound upgrade would definitely be useful. I have certainly heard worse sound on a DVD, but this is pretty clear 3 star middle of the road range.

Heads don't really get in the way, but as noted above, the distance certainly does. Video sharpness isn't great, but it's pretty good, particularly for a show from 1999. The bright lights are a bit TOO bright, the colors are a bit washed out, but this is pretty watchable.

I love 1999, and I was at this show. It's a historical document to me. And there's enough good work and care from the intrepid taper to make this yield some high value for those patient enough to endure what at first glimpse might appear to be an average video. If you're patient enough to get past that, then you'll enjoy it. And if you're not, well, there are plenty of flashier choices in the Dylan canon. Feel free to leave this one for me ;)


Reviewed by Joe1235 on 31st May 2006