DVDylan ID: D074.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Mannheim, Germany
Date: Tuesday, 2nd July 1996

This prolific author seems to have 2 varieties of films targeted for SU treatment--

1, incomplete/imperfect films of excellent performances such as #D065.su,
2. overlooked top quality films like #D667.su.

This film is of the first group, featuring clipped songs and missing segments. Our intrepid author's talents shine the brightest on these jobs, featuring sound that is skillfully sync'ed to dodgy clipped video. I like some of the effects with the stills, favorite is the smoke as opposed to the brighter ones.
The titles and menus are pleasing and fully functional as always.

A 5 star audio source was used and I'm grateful for the inclusion of the complete audio regardless of video clips.

Video is clipped but bright colors, good focus, quite a few shots of the band, few if any obstructions.

A very nice performance, quite laid back overall but with minimal loss of focus or intensity, highlights vary according to taste i'm sure. I thought Peggy-O and Baby Tonight were pretty sweet myself. but then i'm a hopeless romantic. Also a wickedly dreamy, floating, audio-only Man in the Long Black coat to appeal to my darker side.

Once again this author has offered the opportunity to more fully enjoy a good but tough to sit through film of a hot show. Bravo!
This one's very much worth checking out, and thanks to all involved in getting this one into circulation.

Reviewed by jman on 11th December 2010

'cos i'm crazy about the 1996 europ tour. It was great to get my hands on this one. Specialy 'cos he perform was in the Mozartsaal im Rosengarten.
What can you wish more then play at a Mozartsaal in a Rosengarten. ;-)

After i have seen/hear the harp on My Back Pages, the world change for me. If music makes contact from heart to heart, this did that for me. Still my all time favorite. Music is comming out of his toes, lateral.

Reviewed by JanTempelman on 17th January 2008