DVDylan ID: D060.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: O'Keefe Centre For The Performing Arts, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Date: Tuesday, 5th June 1990

Once again, one of our most intrepid author/archivist/video-dylanlogist's has revisited the vaults to restore, upgrade, and re-release an easily overlooked but quite worthy early NET gem.

Video star ratings are pretty accurate. Very steady and quite clear considering generational loss and the minimal stage lighting. Rather monochrome, again due to lighting. A few partial obstructions are steadily managed, insuring minimal distraction. Great pans to include GE on solos and gentle zooms throughout. Excellent camera work here.

This looks to be a great transfer of a very good vhs tape. The film is complete and uncut save the notes in the listing.
Authoring, slideshows, tasteful effects, and audio sychronization of the level we've come to celebrate regularly from this active sound upgrade technician. A fine audience audio recording was used. Bravo!

A nice performance, Dylan is quite chatty, smiling, and engaged in his work. Mostly strong lyrical and vocal performances save a few missed or repeated lines here and there. A liberal sprinkling of harp worth throughout. Band is very good this night. Crowd is respectful but very excited and and responsive which seems to encourage and bring Dylan out as the show progresses.

Another smoking 1990 Masters of War, a committed and powerful acoustic set Tommorow Never Knows>One Too Many Mornings, and the strong Barbara Allen and Times encores all provided highlights to my taste.

Highly recommended. Get it, you won't be disappointed. This is a special night with Dylan, expertly captured for our enjoyment. Surely the best available DVD package from this North American swing. Misses 5 stars due only to the dark picture throughout.
Grateful thanks to all involved, Dvdylan.com, and Mr. Dylan always.

Reviewed by jman on 02nd January 2007