DVDylan ID: D048.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: New York, NY, USA/Madison Square Garden
Date: Sunday, 1st November 1998

After watching this show-I ran to the computer to see if it had been reviewed. Yes it had,and with the wonderful insight of Jim50. So,all I will say is I loved this show. This is a truly great dvd. Thanks to everyone involved in making it.BRAVO!!

Reviewed by flip on 31st May 2007

People with few shows should probably refrain from writing reviews, but I'll at least keep it brief.

I didn’t hear the first version, but the sound on this upgrade is excellent - clear with full bass. I can see how the performance and cool video capture could be overlooked without this excellent sound.

There are two cams and still are used until things get rolling. One cam is tight, straight on, and has decent levels, but the other is the real standout. There is very little color on stage to begin with and this high contrast capture, up a little to Bob's right, is bordering on artistic. The two really work well as they accent the other’s strength.

The performance is energetic and fun. I really enjoyed the shows during this period and this is a good reminder of how great they were. During the show’s first half it's clear that Bob is having fun and ready to step out a little, and the second half delivers.

The editing, strange effect between songs, and menus are all very well done.

Hopefully some of you who can better compare it to other circulating shows from that period will give it its proper place in history, but it looks and sounds great to me.

Reviewed by jim0202 on 09th March 2007