DVDylan ID: D044.su
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY
Date: Wednesday, 13th November 2002

Fantastic 2 camera mixed dvd!
It's not often you see Bob doing a rare and special setlist like this including covers of Neil Young's Old Man and George Harrison's Something aswell as Brown Sugar and Mutineer.
The show is brilliant with Bob on guitar and piano and what makes this dvd stand out is the fantastic 2 camera mix! This film would be awesome with one camera!
Tombstone Blues, One Too Many Mornings, Shelter From The Storm are played really well but Summer Days has to be possibly the best summer days ever recorded as Bob and his Band dance the whole way.

Reviewed by Josepi on 23rd June 2007

Been living with this DVD for nine months now and love it more each time I watch it. The picture could perhaps be a little sharper, the first 15 minutes are fairly standard and my copy has 2 momentary freezes on 'Tombstone Blues' (maybe this is a generic glitch?) but otherwise this disc is just great.
It's got everything:
- Tony sings (??)
- Larry & Tony dance(sort of)
- Charlie assaults both Bob's piano and George's drumkit
- You get to see plenty of the band
- The band are hotter than hot
- During Bob's harmonica solo on 'YAGN', Tony flashes George a look that seems to say "Hey, Bob's really ON tonight". And you know what? Tony was right...
- Bob's in a great mood (Tony cracks him up during 'Summer Days' and he lets Charlie get away with all sorts of aberrant behaviour)
- 'Summer Days': Feelin' blue? Play this and you'll be feeling better by the end of it than you did at the beginning. Even if you're one of those who hates 'SD', I challenge you to play this and remain unmoved. Kick-ass rock'n'roll.
- It's beautifully put together. Two pretty good films (thanks camera crew) have been edited very cleverly. There are very few irritations (an occasional head & a shake here and there but nothing much more than that) so you can sit back, open a bottle/light one up/whatever floats your boat and settle down for the evening. Whoever put this DVD together did a brilliant job. And they so obviously had a whole load of fun doing it.

A great show from a great tour with (arguably) Bob's greatest band of recent years cooking up a storm. Five guys having a ball.

Five stars to everyone involved with performance and production of this disc. We're privileged to have stuff like this available to us...

Reviewed by Mr-Clean on 26th January 2006

For me it's the best Dvd of Bob, the sound and the image are very good.

And we've got here 20 great songs including tracks
of Warren Zevon, Neil Young, The Rolling Stones and George Harrison !

Reviewed by woody on 15th November 2005

This is a most excellent video
Both picture and sound top notch, very professional looking.
Brilliant set list both in length and content
Some great covers, Carrying a Torch, Mutineer, Old Man and the exquisite Something, did not enjoy Brown Sugar though.
Of his own material, Things Have Changed, Cold Irons Bound and Summer Days rocked and One Too Many Mornings was quite moving.
All in all an really good Dvd and one i would watch again and again.
Look out for a freebie of this in the near future

Reviewed by babbling on 03rd February 2005