DVDylan ID: D043
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Madison Square Garden, New York City, New York, USA
Date: Monday, 11th November 2002

The first of two shows at Madison Square Garden in 2002 was taped by two tapers, and they both did an exceptional job in capturing the show. The first taper has a clear position in front of the stage. He (she?) mostly focuses on Bob and George, but occasionally zooms on Charlie or Larry when they're soloing, or zooms out on the whole band. The second taper has a fine view from the side of the stage. Sadly, he (she?) never uses the zoom function, but this provides for a great view of what the overall band is doing. Neither taper was able to get the whole show, but each song was captured by one or the other, or both. They are mixed together to form this fine DVD. As for synchronization, it is nearly impossible to mix two incomplete videos into one complete one and have the video in sync with the audio, but this has them surprisingly close. They never get so far apart that it detracts from the enjoyment (as in the DVD of Hartford from six days later).

The two highlights of this DVD are Brown Sugar and Drifter's Escape. You can feel the intensity of these songs, almost as if you were there.

Reviewed by MysteryTramp on 14th May 2005