DVDylan ID: D039
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: The Beacon Theatre, New York City, NY, US
Date: Wednesday, 17th October 1990

not bad, but i prefer bob with his later band ( 94-99)

Reviewed by fleeter on 16th October 2005

This show has been recently reauthored and the menu is a joy to navigate. The show, however, is only average. Filmed from a balcony we are looking down on Dylan, and altho the angle is not all that bad, the sound is echoey and muffled. The band is fairly energetic, if you don't mind G.E. Smith prancing about, but Bob seems to be just going through the motions. All in all not a bad show from Bob during this era but his apparent disinterest and the bad quality sound make it a bit of a chore to watch.

Reviewed by Jermicah on 05th April 2005