DVDylan ID: D032
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Tropicana Casino & Resort, Atlantic City, New Jersey, US
Date: Saturday, 18th November 2000

This review is really accidental. I had this disc with nothing written on it and after watching a while, I realised what it was.

The first minute or so are spent looking looking at a blank screen with "I Am The Man, Thomas" playing in the background. When the camera eventually settles on Dylan, the picture quality and camera work is excellent., vitually rock staedy and close-up.

"My Back Pages" starts off fine but Dylan's mike breaks and we are treated to Dylan mouthing the words to this and most of "It's All Right Ma" before he is re-connected.

The video quality is really excellent but the audio has many clitches throughout the film, which spoils it a little. What it really needs is an audio re-dub but it may be caused by the transfer from NTSC to PAL or whatever.

Well worth searching out.

Reviewed by dylanvine on 30th November 2003