DVDylan ID: D025.msu
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada/The Rage
Date: Wednesday, 13th May 1998

If you have D025, D025.su, or D025.su2, you may be tempted to skip this one. That would be a mistake as this is sourced directly from the master Hi8 tape shot by the transcendent Tom P. and generously shared by Mr. P. and his buddy raygun. The performance is, of course, well-known by Dylan collectors. Filmed at a small club, the audience and the band are tightly connected, and Bob and the Boys give it their all. Rarely has a performance, a venue, a video shoot, and an audio capture aligned so perfectly.

A "must-have" if ever there was one!

5 Stars

Reviewed by yassou on 20th December 2012