DVDylan ID: D023
Recording type: Audience
City/Venue: University of Texas at Austin Frank Erwin Center, Austin, TX, US
Date: Sunday, 24th February 2002

These DVDs feature steady camera work, must be on a tripod, from the very back of a medium sized arena. The band is in the maroon suits, the colors are a bit washed out, but otherwise the picture is pretty good. usually nicely focused on Dylan and the guitars, sometimes a nice slow pan around the stage, and a few jerky moments but not many.
Sound is quite decent and listenable.
Dylan is in good form and this is a great show and fun DVDs to watch. The show is on 2 discs.
Thanks to everyone involved in this one!

Reviewed by jman on 13th February 2005

A magnificent show, filmed with a more or less stable camera in (mostly) medium shot from a balcony. Dylan (wearing a dark Stetson that shadows his face somewhat throughout) is seen from head to feet and mostly with enough space around him to catch at least Larry or Tony/Charlie. Exciting performances of "Boots", "Baby Tonight", "Lonsome Day Blues" ("Samantha Brown lived in my house for about foooooooooour of faaaaaive months!"), "High Water" and "Visions" make it a highly enjoyable experience to watch this.

Reviewed by honestwithme on 19th December 2003